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Mondia Alliance and Private Imports

Leading Canadian importer, distributer and marketer of wines and spirits, Mondia Alliance has something for consumers of all tastes and is a sound value for producers seeking resounding sales success in Canada.

Maison des Futailles

Maison des Futailles has been offering a wide range of quality products to grocery and convenience stores throughout Québec for over three decades.  Whether it’s wines imported from various countries or everyday wines, all the products we sell always come with a promise of value for wine connoisseurs.


'Vin en vrac' Bottle Your Own Wine:  For Savvy Consumers

Vin en Vrac centres offer consumers imported wines and spirits at substantial savings because they bottle the products themselves.  Two centres, one in Montréal and the other in St-Hyacinthe, boast a huge selection of products at savings of 15 to 40% over regular SAQ prices.

Industrial and Food Services

In order to meet the specific needs of certain customers, Kruger Wines and Spirits has developed a number of associated activities and products, such as contract bottling, industrial sales, cooking wine sales to restaurateurs and food processors, as well as the sale of dry goods generated by wine and spirits production.

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