Kruger Wines and Spirits owns two distribution agencies as well as a co-packing and industrial and food services division.

Industrial Sales

We offer bulk wines and spirits for food manufacturers. We also sell salted wines exclusively through distributors and food processors that supply restaurants.

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Co-Packing Services

Offering technical expertise and modern facilities, Kruger Wines and Spirits is attracting a growing number of customers who need bottling services with a flexible approach.

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Vin en Vrac: Innovation Meets Selection

Vin en Vrac is a “bottle-your-own” concept that offers a diverse selection of quality wines and spirits for the price-conscious consumer. Our store concept gives customers the opportunity to taste the products before purchase and then to bottle their selection using new bottles available on-site or reusing their own bottles.

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Maison des Futailles : Reliability and Know-How

The Maison des Futailles distribution agency offers grocery and convenience stores a wide range of quality products. Whether it’s wines imported from various countries, table wines or ready-to-drink beverages, all the products it markets come with the promise of exceptional value for the consumer. Annual sales for this division total 1.3 million cases.

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Mondia Alliance: Passion for Innovation

Mondia Alliance distributes a large array of wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages throughout Canada. We’ve created innovative products such as Sortilège, a unique liquor made of Canadian Whisky and maple syrup which is distributed nationally, as well as Spicebox, the first flavoured Canadian whisky. We are also proud to offer Smoky Bay, a leading Australian brand that features Canada’s top-selling Cabernet Sauvignon.

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